In Charge of the Gun

In Charge of the Gun Clifford’s latest collection includes such soon-to-be-classics as, Tuculescu?, The White Baboon, New Saint Crop and The Worst Poem Ever Written. Perfect as a gift or a veiled threat, this collection will not leave you wondering. ‘…think yawning baby shark.’ (p&p incl.)



This collection of poems, published by Against the Grain, ‘navigates the mechanics of our failures, and in attempting to fix them, what we may become, or not.’ These perfectly formed, moving poems will bring their own rewards. (p&p incl.)


Computer Generated Crash Test Dummies

Published by Middlesborough’s Black Light Engine Room, Clifford’s third collection, ‘…is as rich as the church, it’s depth pulls you willingly under and keeps you reading.’ Grant Tabard, Stride (p&p incl.)


The Hitting Game

Published by Seren, This is a most welcome full collection by a strikingly distinctive poet who has already published a prize-winning pamphlet. The poems are simultaneously flamboyant and unsettling, inventive and grounded, witty and vulnerable.Irresistibly intriguing investigations of ‘what…will make it/ever so briefly alright being us’. Michael Laskey. (incl. p&p)


Welcome Back to the Country

Winner, 2010 Poetry Wales Poetry Collection Award, published by Seren. Clifford’s domestic poems sound troubling new dimensions. A UFO appears. ‘The cutlery drawer is a convoluted mantrap’. There are black suggestions of freedom – ‘Let’s grow a forest and hide in it’ – but an inescapable tone is Clifford’s coolly brutal frankness: ‘When I tell you they have split up you smile’. Yet the sounds Clifford teaches and handles assuredly are revealed by his poetry to be mysterious, even magical…’ Alison Brackenbury (Incl. p&p)


Limited edition, double B-side: Poems from Well

Recorded and pressed by Nik from Pearl Home Records, this double B-side 45 is rare as hens’ teeth. Get yours now. With original art work by Dom Golden.